Now that your new lawn is laid and looking amazing, it’s time to make sure it stays the envy of the street. Our experienced staff have put together a few tips and guides on residential lawn care to help you care for and maintain your new lawn, keeping it in prime condition all year round.


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It is important that you water it within half an hour of the first roll being laid, and again the following day. To establish whether it has been sufficiently watered simply pull back a corner of the lawn- the water should have penetrated at least 25mm into the soil.

Reduce watering frequency over a three-week period. During the warmer months we recommend watering every 2nd or 3rd day, and every 3rd to 4th day during cooler months.

Your new lawn may temporarily brown slightly due to stress, however, the green colour will return in 2 weeks with new growth, once the lawn is able to establish itself in its new environment. Be sure to minimise traffic on your new lawn for the first 2-4 weeks to enable good root establishment.

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