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  • Water Usage: Low
  • Drought Tolerance: Very High
  • Shade Tolerance: Low (40%)
  • Durability: Very High
  • Colour Quality: Medium

Originally native to the highlands of East Africa, Kikuyu is now neutralised in many coastal regions of Australia. It grows very vigorously and for this reason, it one of the most durable lawns around, tolerating long dry patches.


Shade Tolerance Low (40%)
Drought Tolerance Very High

With medium broad leaves and very coarse to touch, this lawn can still be suitable for residential use, however it is ideal for commercial use in schools, sporting fields and semi-arid areas. It is also used for erosion control.

This variety of grass thrives in full sun, and will grow poorly in shady areas. It is most vigorous in warmer climates, which gives it an excellent tolerance to heat with very little water needed. For this reason, Kikuyu will require more frequent mowing than other types of grass such as Buffalo.

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