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Narra Native

Nara Native Turf is a great all purpose turf that can handle many conditions. It is the only general purpose native turf and is the perfect compliment for any native garden or landscape. Nara will need about 35% less mowing than couch and 55% less than Kikuyu plus, it is faster growing than Empire Zoysia.

Nara Native Turf requires only one fertilise per year. If they are subject to a lot of wear twice a year fertilising is recommended on all Zoysia.


Nara has developed extreme drought tolerance from it's parentage. Millions of years growing in Australia's hot dry and humid climates has made it a real drought survivor. It has better wear tolerance than some Buffalos, Couch and Kikuyu in full sun, although Couch and Kikuyu recover
better from wear as they grow faster. In semi shade, Nara has better wear tolerance than Couch and Kikuyu.

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