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A beautifully well-maintained lawn instantly adds to the beauty and social value of your home in more ways than you know. You need a good maintenance culture to protect your buffalo lawn and save yourself some money and time. How well your lawn will perform will depend on how well you care for your lawn. Considering adequate care of your lawn grass will produce it the sophisticated look of turf grass.

1. Mowing

After carefully planting your lawn, your well-kept lawn should be mowed within the first 10-14 days. It is the best practice to simply trim the lawn in order not to scalp your lawn. After the first mowing, it is substantial to mow the lawn more often to help regulate thatch development on the lawn. You are entirely responsible for the mowing height you choose. For a spongy lawn, a height of 50mm is best. If you would rather have a thatchy lawn, you can go with a mowing height of 30mm. Furthermore, make sure you carry out regular edging on your lawn to progressively improve the overall appearance of your lawn and property.

2. Fertilizing

Properly maintain your buffalo grass is considerably easy. However, lack of adequate fertilization can affect the health and color of your lawn. If you want to maintain the business of your lawn in an area where the soil is highly sandy, make sure you’re fertilizing the lawn once every two months. On other distinct types of soil, you can fertilize your lawn in late autumn to help maintain the color of your lawn. However, you must avoid excess fertilizing as this may lead to increased irrigation and more frequent mowing to dissolve the excess fertilizer.

3. Watering

Watering your buffalo lawn at least once per week will be enough. When watering, make sure you water heavily to encourage the formation of a very deep root system. To reduce the risks of fungal diseases and infections, always water in the morning. Watering your buffalo lawn in the afternoon or late in the evening will merely increase the chances of these diseases affecting your grasses.

4. Application of Wetting Agents

fertilising lawn

It is recommended you carefully observe the wetting agent application at least twice every year, during autumn and spring. The wetting agent is applied solely to increase the efficiency of water flow in the soil. This is most beneficial in areas where the soil is coated with something waxy which inhibits water flow. This wetting agent when applied does the job of breaking down the waxy coating to make room for easier absorbance of water.

5. Dethatching

No other type of lawn grass is as susceptible to the build-up of thatch as the Buffalo grass. You can easily de-thatch your lawn by mowing it at least twice per year, in late autumn or early spring. It is significant you avoid killing your lawn grasses with excessive scalping. You need to make sure there are adequate runners covering your lawn floor. Your lawn will regrow much faster if you fertilize immediately after de-thatching.

6. Application of Herbicides

Most of the herbicides sold in the market today can have very severe damaging effects on your buffalo lawn. Before you put your money down for any herbicide, always read through the label and leading manufacturer’s direct instructions to know if it is good for your buffalo grass. Make sure you know the recommended quantities and stick to that. Applying more than the recommended dose can exterminate your buffalo grass after getting rid of moss and other weeds in your lawn.

7. Application of Iron Supplement

Buffalo grass demands lots of iron supplements to fair well in most weather conditions. Unfortunately, most of the lawn fertilizers in the market today lack iron. Once you discover your buffalo grass looking pale, make sure you mow the lawn to the height recommended by experts, get rid of moles in the soil and apply your iron supplement. This will help restore the health of your lawn grasses. It is an effective practice to properly apply your iron supplement in late autumn as this will make it easy for the iron supplement to be soaked up by your turf before winter comes.


Key Takeaway

The buffalo grass is the best for your lawns for a number of reasons. Its soft texture and striking beauty make it ideal for your lawn all through the year. It has been found to be great for everyone including kids, pets, and people with various types of allergies. It is also extremely resistant to salt, frost, and drought. If you want your buffalo lawn looking fresh and beautiful all year round, you need to take adequate care of it using the generous tips outlined here.


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