WEEDING How Do Weeds Spread? Understanding how weeds spread is an important part of knowing how to control them: Water: Some seeds can float, so rain and surface water runoff can transport seed long distances. Flooding rivers can move large quantities of seed very easily. Wind: Wind can carry seeds over large areas. Weeds dispersed… Read more »

Before Fertilising (Click To Enlarge) After Fertilising (Click To Enlarge) Why should I Fertilise? A healthy fertilized lawn remains uniform and maintains its original texture, preventing weeds. It maintains the Lawn colour all year and recovery rate from any damage due to extra wear much quicker. Well fed lawn is stronger and less susceptible to… Read more »

MOWING YOUR LAWN TIP: Be sure to remove grass clippings from your lawns after mowing to prevent suffocating and killing your lawn. When mowing long lawns, mow the lawn in two stages, rather than attempting to cut the lawn short the first mow. Buying a Lawn mower: If you’re looking for the right lawn mower… Read more »

LAWN INSECTS African Black Beetle These insects feed off the lawns root system and cause patches of lawn to turn brown and die. They are more common in warmer regions and can cause major damage. Treatment: Treating your lawn with Baythroid will prevent further damage. Lawn Armyworm This insect is a major problem in the… Read more »

TURF DISEASES There are a wide range of Turf Diseases, making it difficult and confusing to diagnose what Turf disease your lawn may have. Grasses that are well maintained with watering, mowing and fertilising are most not likely to be affected or severely damaged. If you notice your lawn with unusual brown patches, dying areas… Read more »

Now that your new lawn is laid and looking amazing, it’s time to make sure it stays the envy of the street. Our experienced staff have put together a few tips and guides on residential lawn care to help you care for and maintain your new lawn, keeping it in prime condition all year round…. Read more »

Marsden Park Turf Supplies Calendar A View Turf are here to help you get the best lawn possible. If you want to install the lawn yourself, then check out the guide below: STAGE ONE: PREPARING THE SITE   Step 1a: Weeds Spray any existing weeds or lawn with round up 14 days prior to laying… Read more »

SQUARES AND RECTANGLES Calculating the area for a Square is the very simple, you need to get the width and the height of the area, multiply the two and that will give you the meters needed for your area. OTHER SHAPES The area of shape can be determined by simply breaking the shape into sets… Read more »

It’s Time to feed your Lawn…. To ensure your Lawn will thrive through the summer months it is important to fertilise you lawn NOW. The winter can be quite harsh on your lawn and needs the nutrients to maintain a healthy lush Lawn and prepare it with our harsh climate change and heat. The right… Read more »

With a name synonymous with the Southern Cross, Anzac biscuits and being a “good bloke”, Matilda Buffalo grass is a cut above the rest. We extensively tested Matilda against 19 other Buffalo breeds in the tough Australian conditions and it consistently outperformed the competition. Matilda has the highest shade tolerance, wear tolerance and disease resistance… Read more »