For healthy, vigorous good looking lawn, fertilise Twice a Year. 2 weeks before Winter and again Mid August.

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Before Fertilising (Click To Enlarge) After Fertilising (Click To Enlarge)

Why should I Fertilise? A healthy fertilized lawn remains uniform and maintains its original texture, preventing weeds.

It maintains the Lawn colour all year and recovery rate from any damage due to extra wear much quicker.
Well fed lawn is stronger and less susceptible to diseases, stress and damage.

When should I Fertilise? Wait at least 5-6 weeks after installation to fertilise your new lawn. A regular routine of fertilising Twice a year should then be implemented.

Fertilising end of autumn (May) to ensure the lawn stays strong as it goes into winter. Winter can be stressful to your Lawn, Fertilising will help maintain a strong healthy lawn.
Also keeping the lawn as green as possible for as long as possible.

What sort of Fertiliser should I use? Lawn fertilisers are very different from standard garden fertilisers. We can help you with the right Fertiliser for your Lawn

Call us so that we can recommend the best possible fertiliser to keep your lawn looking strong and healthy. Our Fertilisers can be bought direct when you order you Lawn or you can go to our online store for ease and convenience.

How should I apply the Fertiliser? Spread the fertiliser evenly with a gloved hand or with a hand trolley. If you are not too sure how much to apply to the area leave a small corner of the yard out and within 2 weeks you should see a difference to your Lawn, if not reapply the fertiliser evenly and not too heavy.

Water the fertiliser in immediately for approximately 20-30min to prevent it burning the grass.

Using the Fertiliser Spreader (Click to Enlarge):

Fertilising1 Fertilising2
Step 1: Filling the Spreader with fertiliser granules. Step 2: Walk at a steady pace and turn the handle at a constant speed.

Fertilising Gallery (Click To Enlarge)

2 Fertilizing Lawn on Nature Strip A Fertlizied area On Nature Strip

Fertilised Footpath

Fertilised Front Lawn

C Fertilized Lawn Fertilized Area

Fertilised Footpath

Fertilised Footpath

D2 Comparing Fertilizing Same strip comparing Fertilizing to not Fertilizing 1

Fertilised vs Not-Fertilised

Fertilised vs Not-Fertilised

Comaparing Fertilizing D1 Compaing Fertilizing

Fertilised vs Not-Fertilised

Fertilised vs Not-Fertilised

Same Strip comparing Fetilizing to not Fertilizing

Fertilised vs Not-Fertilised

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