Turf adds more than aesthetic appeal. Lawns provide a number of benefits to our health and lifestyle.


  • Psychologically, the colour green encourages a feeling of restfulness, calm and relaxation. Green and nature are vital for our general sense of wellbeing. Adding grass to your landscape improves your human experience and mental health.


  • Health benefits include lower blood pressure, stress, immunity to disease, depression and headaches, as well as the benefits of breathing cleaner, more oxidised air such as increased productivity and motivation in our daily lives. Research has shown than hospital patients with a view of parkland recover much quicker than patients who do not.


  • A lawn is often the centrepiece to a garden environment. It creates an inviting gathering space and is still very much inherent in our ideal of the Australian dream.


  • Grassed gardens add value to your property.


  • Turf reduces noise and heat, saving money, lowering stress and increasing the value and comfort of your home.


  • Environmental benefits by improving air quality and keeping our environment clean

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