Matilda – Australia’s Leading Lawn

With a name synonymous with the Southern Cross, Anzac biscuits and being a “good bloke”, Matilda Buffalo grass is a cut above the rest.

We extensively tested Matilda against 19 other Buffalo breeds in the tough Australian conditions and it consistently outperformed the competition. Matilda has the highest shade tolerance, wear tolerance and disease resistance of the lot!

Here are just a few of it’s benefits…

  • Matilda is perfect for flipping off the thongs while you hang the washing on the close line on a sunny Summer day in the back yard. Your feet will sink into the comfortable lush green Matilda grass with its soft texture and high drought resistance.
  • When Summer rolls around and swimming is a daily necessity, Matilda will be right there with you basking poolside. It loves the sun (and shade) and isn’t phased by salt and chlorine with its high chemical resistance.
  • Matilda is an easy care lawn that is ideal for residential, commercial and council spaces. With a fibrous root system and high-density leaf per square meter, Matilda provides a lower evaporation rate than all other varieties of Buffalo grass, which means less watering and lower water bills.
  • For the family-oriented-gardener, Matilda will look after the kids and the dog with its soft texture and low allergy feature.

So there you have it – A lawn that outperforms the rest in just about every way.

Isn’t it a no brainer for your next lawn?

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