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Are you looking for turf suppliers in the Hills District? If so, A View Turf is at your service! We have an extensive range of high-quality turf varieties for you to choose from, and we offer a thorough laying and installation service on all of our products. Read on for a brief overview of each of our grass types. Should you come across something that appears to be suitable to your tastes and requirements, simply follow the respective link for more information.

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Matilda lawns are most commonly found in residential gardens and commercial premises. This is because they are so easy to care for, they’re pet-friendly, they have a high drought tolerance, and to top if all off, they boast a stunning evergreen colour!  



Palmetto Buffalo grass has a relatively average winter green colour. During the extreme winter temperatures, it will begin to discolour, however, come spring time, the gorgeous colour will return! Aesthetically pleasing and not too demanding, Palmetto is a great choice.



Shade Master’s Soft-Leaf Buffalo isn’t as drought resistant as some of the other Buffalo varieties out there However, it does  have a reasonable water usage requirement. In any case, soft-leaf buffalo feals great underfoot!


EMPIRE  ZOYSIA is a highly versatile and adaptable lawn that is incredibly well-suited to the Australian weather conditions. You will find that Empire Zoysia performs well in both sandy and clay soil types, due to its aggressive growth from runners and rhizomes.



Village Green Kikuyu is one of the new varieties of grass in the Male Sterile Kikuyu grass family. This particular strain however, has been especially developed to boast all of the traits that can be found in the older style Kikuyu, including a host of other amazing benefits as well!



This Australian bred Kenda Kikuyu lawn among one of the most promising grass types available at the moment. This is because it holds a delightful and superior green winter colour, even in areas where frosts tend to cause most lawns to brown off and discolour. Ideal for those in the colder regions of Australia with harsher winters.


Kikuyu is a quality grass type that was originally native to the East African Highlands. Now, it can be find all over Australia in many coastal regions. This grass variety grows vigorously as is arguably one of the most durable lawns around, with a high tolerance to long dry spells. 



Wintergreen Couch (pronounced ‘cooch’), is a full-sun tolerant grass type that is durable to Australian weather. It isn’t great in high-traffic areas however, so if you have kids and pets at home and you wish to use your lawn frequently for activities, this might not be the most ideal.


Can’t decide? If you require assistance, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly share our expertise and help you settle on the perfect grass variety for your dream lawn!

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