Turf Supplies Eastern Suburbs

Are you looking for quality turf supplies in the Eastern Suburbs region? If so, A View Turf have a grand variety of turf types for you to choose from. Here we will give you a brief introduction to the various turf supplies that we have in stock, with a link to each respective page. Have a browse at your leisure and see if you can find the ideal variety for you.

Should you be unsure and require some additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our specialists will happily advise you on the most suitable turf variety for your unique situation. In any case, we are confident that we have something in stock to suit everyone.


Matilda lawns are most frequently used in residential gardens, commercial premises, and council spaces. This is largely due to its easy care, pet-friendly resilience, drought tolerance, and stunning evergreen colour.


Palmetto Buffalo grass has an average winter colour. You will find that during extreme winter conditions, it will discolour. However, it will regain its colour once more during Spring.


Shade Master’s Soft-Leaf Buffalo is one of the most popular turf verities in Australia. It has an average water usage requirement, however, it isn’t as drought tolerant as some of the other varieties of buffalo grass out there on the market.


EMPIRE  ZOYSIA is a truly versatile and adaptable lawn that is well suited to Australian weather conditions. It has proven to perform well in both sandy and clay soil types, due to its aggressive growth from its plentiful runners and rhizomes.


Village Green Kikuyu is a new variety in the popular and growing family of Male Sterile Kikuyu grasses. Much like the other new MSK types, Village Green has been specially developed to boast new characteristics for Kikuyu, in all the traits where the old variety of common Kikuyu didn’t quite hit the mark. Consider it new and improved.


This is an Australian bred Kenda Kikuyu lawn which is proving to be very promising in common usage for family homes. This is because it holds a superior green winter colour, including areas where frosts and cold winters would otherwise cause many other lawns to brown off.


Originally native to the highlands of East Africa, Kikuyu turf is now commonly found in many coastal regions of Australia. This is because it grows exceptionally vigorously and thus, it is one of the most durable lawns available on the market today, tolerating long dry patches (which is common in Australia).



Wintergreen Couch is a full sun tolerant turf variety that is durable to most weather conditions. It will not tolerate high traffic areas though. This makes it less ideal for around the home environment as it is a higher maintenance Lawn that doesn’t like as much foot traffic.

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