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Winter Green Couch Grass

Winter Green Couch

Wintergreen Couch is full sun tolerant, durable to weather. It will not tolerate high traffic areas. It is less ideal for around a home as it is a higher maintenance Lawn.

Its shade tolerance is much lower than that of Buffalo grass, however it is the highest in the couch family. It will still grow in shady conditions; however optimal growth and water retention will be achieved when the lawn is in full sun.

Its texture is dense, making is resistant to wear and weed invasion, however it won’t be as soft to touch as varieties of Buffalo grass. Conveniently, it shows great colour retention in cold weather and won’t purple like other varieties.


Shade Tolerance Low
Texture Fine
Mowing Frequency Medium (High in Summer)
Disease Resistance Medium
Drought Tolerance Very High

Due to its low maintenance, extremely high durability and evergreen look, Santa-ana Couch is commonly used on sports fields, schools, recreation areas and across golf courses.

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